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Welcome, to Maharashtra Trade Corporation. MTC is one of the most leading company in Safety Equipments Supplier in Navi Mumbai. We specialized in various safety equipment like Hard hats, safety glasses, gloves, ear protection, safety vests, self-contained breathing apparatus, respirators, redwing safety shoes, coveralls, gas tight suits, gas dictator, disposable coveralls, lockouts and tags and other industrial safety equipment.

To lead your work you must protect your employees who work for you so that you can achieve excellence in your business.

Firstly, we focus on respiratory protection because the air one breathes isn’t healthy for their body and that can make the employee take bizarre discussion subconsciously which might affect your business adversely.

We have been in the safety supply business for many years and have created a good name in the niche market. We believe in providing safety equipment to workers who work under hazardous environments. Our safety equipment is made up of best quality raw materials and the process of making them has been very taken into consideration very carefully. It is also our mission to provide the knowledge and insight - and thereby the reason and desire - to obtain and to use the Personal Protection of Safety equipment that we supply in Navi Mumbai.

Secondly, we source, develop and supply from a potential manufacturer who has gained their name in the niche market for the longest period because of providing consistent quality till the date. We question them about quality and we personally visit on site for checking the quality of equipment. The reason being of personal checking of all the Safety Equipment we supply needs to be best and evolve with time.

Third, through training and education, we must make an impact on lives which we protect throughout safety equipment. That’s why we strongly believe in “there is life after work”, and give a worker solid sound, sensible reason to maintain.

Use and wear the equipment and go through proper using manual and immediately inform to concern person if something mishappens and we’ll work on it and be there for you always.

Hence, to know more about us get in touch with us. We are Safety Equipments Supplier in Navi Mumbai, we provide best products and services.

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