MAHARASHTRA TRADING CO is one of the Leading & Most Trusted Dealers in Industrial Materials.


Maharashtra Trade Corporation presents you wide range of electrical materials for your organization. We are one of the leading Industrial Electerical Materials Supplier in Navi Mumbai. With deep understanding of material science and innovation technique we supply Industrial Electerical Material Supplier.

The Maharashtra Trade Corporation electrical portfolio incorporates materials for half and half, inflexible and adaptable circuits; particular fired, polymer thick film structures (PTF) and materials for the manufacture and bundling of semiconductors.

When you’re designing products that require electrical insulation systems (EIS), DuPont can make your job easier because we offer the industry’s biggest number of EIS that have been pre-approved by Underwriters Laboratories (UL) and recognized to IEC standards.

We understand the importance and demand of the product in the work and market. Hence we are one stop solution to all your problems. We just don’t deal with Industrial Electerical Material we provide add on products and services as a supplier in Navi Mumbai.

We at Maharastra Trade Co. beleive in creating one single stage to get your products. Hence you’ll find wide range of varity at one single platform we just don’t supply but be believe very deep in the process of after purchase. We are not running our MTC just to run our company our main motive is to get on board customer and next time they choose to deal their business with us. We don’t expect any medal from any organisation body our biggest award is retenion of our customer and that’s why we provide after service and maintain customer relationship with all our existing clients.

We train our staff well to deal with our electrical materials and they are well educated. Our products are zero defect product.

To know more you and buy Industrial Electrical Materials Supplier in Navi Mumbai, get in touch with us.

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